What is the purpose of education? (the pupils’ view)

Every year I ask my pupils this question. At the end of the year I ask them again, show them what they wrote at the start of the year and we look at the similarities and differences and whether their view has changed over the year.

I will summarize what some of my pupils said this year:

To find out who we really are – it gives us opportunities to develop the character and capabilities we need at the time and throughout our lives and to develop the resilience to deal with life’s knock backs and the patience to strive.

To learn how to understand other people – to develop friendships, to get along with people, to deal with bullies and arguments, to collaborate and be part of communities

To discover what inspires us – building a thirst for understanding and giving us the skills to satisfy that thirst.

To help us make our way to getting a better career in life and start building blocks towards the future. We all have goals to achieve and having a good education is the start of achieving the goals.

I think the purpose of education is to help you get a good job. You can only achieve yourself. You can’t just find education. If you don’t have an education you cannot find work. If you do then you can get a job, your family will be proud of you and you will be proud of yourself.

If you have education you can help others like others helped you. You can only get an education if you respect people like you wish to be respected.

You have to be very brave and hardworking to get an education. It does not fall from the sky and you cannot just catch it. You can’t see education.

Education is a tool in the life of a person. If the person has no education the person doesn’t know anything.

Without education people don’t know what to do in the future. Sometimes education can be hard but if you give your best ability towards it then you become educated.

Education is for a reason because education can change lives for the present and the future. If you are educated you can be proud and say “I am educated”. The most important thing for the present is that education is a good choice for life for any human being.

I think the purpose of education is to give people the opportunity to learn and lead a productive life. With education many people are no longer living in poverty.

Despite this opportunity of school and education many people waste it away on bullying smaller children and messing about. Sadly this leads to these children missing out on the chances they could have got if they had tried hard enough.

Getting good grades at school is very important as if you don’t have high levels you are less likely to achieve. One of the best things about education is that it weighs nothing, costs nothing and you can go anywhere with it.

Of all the things in life education is one of the most important. The main purpose of education is to help you learn so you need to take that chance while you still have it.

The purpose of education is to help people get somewhere in life by learning and working hard. Education is about exploring and learning new and different things which are important because the world is one big adventure.

Education helps introduce us to things we normally don’t think about and widens our imagination. Using education helps us learn skills, knowledge and morals and not just with a textbook but with people and the things around us. We learn to be confident, independent and how to deal with things wisely.

Education teaches us that even though we might fail in exams we can always try again because we learn from our mistakes. Life itself is an education because it teaches us many things. As we grow up we learn. The most important thing that education provides us is the chance to create a future. By using the things we have learned we prepare ourselves for the future.

What is the purpose of education? To create the path to success, happiness and the future…

It  will be interesting to see how much their views have changed over the years.


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