This will work if we all do it

Apparently any new drive will work if we all do it. What  marvellous news.  Sadly almost all new drives seem to focus on trivial nonsense that has little to do with pupil learning.

If current plans in our school are implemented then we will all be doing so many things that nobody will be able to do most of them properly. Everyone will prioritise differently which will put a crimp on (the word of the day) consistency.

I realise that if some teachers enforce the rules but most don’t then the rules are largely ignored. If staff try to enforce the rules unsupported by SLT then pupils find out pretty quickly that defiance goes unpunished. Pupils that do not attend detentions are at best made to do the detention they missed. At worst they are delivered to mumble some grudging insincere apology. The end result of this is that many pupils chance their arm and don’t turn up to detentions or co-operate in any meaningful way in the first instance. Obviously if you have a reputation as a teacher then you avoid much (but not all) of this nonsense.

Surely that means it’s important that staff and SLT agree on rules are worth enforcing and then rigorously enforce them.

I’m well aware that if we all confiscate mobile phones then mobile phones would be much less of an issue. I do my bit. I feel like a lone voice shouting in the blooming wilderness. The kids think I’m being an arse. It’s worth it though because I can see the point of confiscating phones. I can’t see the point of some of the new policies and initiatives. I hate some of them. Some of them are clearly bad ideas that anyone with a fully functioning brain could pick holes in. Some of them actually impede my ability to get my job done successfully. Sadly this means that certain members of our leadership team think they are great.

We are about to have a “staff meeting” (aka the reading of the powerpoint) concerning one of the most hated ideas. A meeting in which the staff could ask questions and exchange ideas on the subject was what was requested. What we are getting, if the agenda is to be believed, is a 15 minute slot in a 1 hour meeting which will inevitably be mostly someone talking at us about the merits of the idea for 14 minutes. The other 45 minutes appears to be largely filled with tedious dullness in the hope we will all have drifted off by the time we get to the controversial bit.

Bad as that sounds it will still be better than the “training” we had about how to use computers in which the “Leader” delivering it whilst telling it us how easy the system is to use repeatedly managed to fail to use it correctly and the piece de resistance was forgetting how to operate their own powerpoint. Comedy gold…

If we are going to have a new drive it should be a “Pupils do some bloody work or I’ll give you a detention.” drive. This could be supported by an SLT  “Attend your detentions or we will make life unpleasant for you in some way” drive.

This will work if we all do it


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